• Tips for Your Visit to the Capitol Building

    Capital Complex

    • Visitors may access the Capitol from the west (near the Florida Heritage Foundation) or the east (across from the Old Capitol). There are security checkpoints at both entrances, and access to the Capitol (and by extension the House and Senate Office Buildings and the Knott Building) is conditional upon consent to search. Please allow time for possible delays for security processing. 
    • Bridges to the House and Senate Office buildings are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  
    • House and Senate Chambers are located on the 4th floor.  
    • House and Senate Galleries are located on the 5th floor.  
    • House Documents is located in room 334.  
    • Senate Documents is located in room 301.  
    • The Capitol Cafeteria is located on the lower level; a snack bar with sandwiches and salads is located on the 10th floor.  

    A complete map of the Capitol grounds is available on the Visit Florida Capitol website.

    If you need any assistance from FAIA staff during your time at Capitol Days, please call Kyle Ulrich at 850-566-4204 or Laura Pearce at 850-566-8615.