• Visit this page to see the FAIA's Catastrophe Zones on a map and for information about how to contact the coordinator in your zone.
  • Catastrophe Zone Coordinators Task Force


    • Coordinate and assist independent agents in their response to catastrophic events and act as insurance liaisons for emergency operations directors.
    • Work with FAIA staff and participating members to assist in implementing the Agency/Individual Volunteer Network in the event of a catastrophe.
    • Work with task force personnel to continually refine the member Agency Catastrophe Guide
    • Stand ready to serve in the event of a major catastrophe.
    • Facilitate catastrophe zones and enact the Buddy System and Individual Volunteer Network in the event of a catastrophe.
    • Work with the FAIA Catastrophe Team and zone coordinators to facilitate relief assistance to independent agents in areas affected by a catastrophe.
    • Promote and encourage awareness of and participation in relief assistance for independent agents.

    John B. Hutt, III, CPCU
    Zone 1A Member
    Hutt Insurance Agency, Inc.
    Craig Shane Fox
    Cameron W. Musil, CIC
    Vice Chairman
    Rogers, Gunter, Vaughn Insurance, Inc.
    Tamara Sue Broyles, AIAM
    Zone 1 Coordinator
    Norco Holdings, Inc. dba Norton Insurance of Florida, Inc.
    Kristine Rushing, CIC, ACSR, CPIA
    Zone 1 Coordinator
    Rushing Insurance, LLC dba Beck Partners Insurance
    Margy Lang
    Zone 3 Coordinator
    Independent Insurance Agents of Northeast Florida, Inc.
    Donna Kathleen Alex, CIC, AAI, CPIW
    Zone 5 Coordinator
    Air-Sur, Inc.
    Elisa S. Wagers
    Zone 5 Member
    Better Insurance Group, Inc.
    Christopher Paul August
    Zone 6 Coordinator
    Prepared Insurance Company
    Cynthia W. Fletcher
    Zone 6 Coordinator
    Alley Rehbaum & Capes Assurance, Inc.
    Paula S. Michael, PIAM, CPSR, CPIA.CII
    Zone 6 Coordinator
    Harr & Associates Insurance, Inc.
    Patty Templeton-Jones
    Zone 6 Coordinator
    Wright National Flood Insurance Company
    Jennifer Rae Peeples
    Zone 7 Member
    The Peeples Insurance Agency
    Bryan E. Swicicki, CIC
    Zone 8 Coordinator
    Todd Associates South, LLC
    Angela Marie Lee
    Zone 8 Member
    Kretschmer Insurance Agency, Inc.
    Steve E. Poole
    Zone 9 Coordinator
    Carlock & Associates Insurance, Inc.
    Mark D. Stichter
    Zone 9 Coordinator
    Stewart & Sons Insurance, Inc.
    Donald E. Dresback, AAI, ARM, CPCU
    Zone 10 Coordinator
    The Beacon Group, Inc.
    Karen P. Fassbach
    Zone 11 Coordinator
    Independent Insurance Agents of Broward County, Inc.
    John Robert Pisula
    Zone 11 Coordinator
    C & C Insurance, Inc.
    Teea L. Peeples, CPIW
    Zone 11 Member
    API Group
    Eddie Amador, ACSR
    Zone 12 Coordinator
    Weston Insurance Company
    Daniel Brian Odess
    Zone 12 Coordinator
    Adams & Odess Risk Advisors, Inc.
    John W. Hancock
    Zone 1A Coordinator
    Brown Insurance Services, LLC
    Janice Kathleen Hanks, CIC, CPIW, AAI, AAM
    Zone 1A Coordinator
    Coastal Community Insurance Agency of Northwest Florida, Inc.
    Jan Marie Weatherhead
    Zone 12A Coordinator
    Southernmost Insurance Agency, Inc.
    Dan R. Alexander, CIC
    Director Liaison
    ThompsonBaker Agency, Inc.
    Whitney L. Martin, RHU, REBC
    Staff Coordinator
    FBMC Benefits Management